Dog Daycare is a place for dogs to have socialization and supervision. The dogs get to interact and play together off-leash, in a supervised environment. The dogs get exercise and receive regular “potty” breaks. Dogs learn proper manners from the other dogs, and learn to function within the pack.

Dogs are continuously supervised, and improper behavior is corrected. The dogs are allowed to play hard, but they are not allowed to annoy or bully one another. If a dog gets too excited and can’t calm down, he will get a short time-out in the quiet room.

Why Choose Dog Daycare?

There are many reasons for choosing dog daycare. The reasons will be different for each dog and family. Remember, daycare is not for every dog. If a dog is especially nervous or tense after a few visits, then daycare may not be the right place for him/her.

  • Exercise: Some families of energetic dogs may not have the time to get their dog the exercise it needs. Daycare is a great way to let the dogs release excess energy when your time is limited. Dogs who don’t get enough exercise develop behavioral problems.
  • Socialization: Some dog parents want their dogs to be exposed to other dogs; to learn how to interact properly in play situations.
  • Companionship: Some dogs may experience separation anxiety when their families are at work. Having a dog pack and other humans around will often help alleviate some of the symptoms of severe separation problems.
  • Prize: Some dogs love to play with the pack so much that parents will bring them as a reward or special treat.