Poco’s Playhouse has 2,000 sq. ft. of indoor space and an additional 3,000 sq. ft. of outdoor space for the dogs to enjoy.


  • The indoor play area is covered in rubber matting for traction and shock absorption.
  • The dogs have continuous access to clean water.
  • The room is lined with crates, doghouses, ottomans and round chairs if the dogs want to rest.
  • There is a separate, quiet room for time-outs and for eating breakfast or lunch.



  • The outdoor play area consists of two separate yards.
  • The smaller run connecting the playroom and the big play yard is lined with fresh cypress mulch every two months.
  • The big play yard is covered with grass.
  • The big play yard contains a sandbox, slides, tires, and climbing structures, and baby pools in the summertime.

The Playhouse has one of the largest outdoor areas of any daycare in the area. It is also the only dog daycare in the area      with a complete agility course.

The Playhouse is also proud to be the new meeting house for the local K-9 MASH unit. K-9 MASH is a group of certified      therapy dogs and their owners that goes out into the community to places such as nursing homes and children’s groups,      and makes some people’s days a little more enjoyable.