Poco's Playhouse

(419) 353-POCO (7626)
It's a doggone good time at Poco's!

Poco’s Playhouse is Perrysburg’s place for pooches and puppies to play. Dogs play together off-leash with toys, tunnels, sandboxes, and wading pools.

At Poco’s Playhouse, dogs get exercise and socialization in a fully supervised environment.

Poco’s Playhouse is an off-leash daycare environment that provides exercise and enrichment, and emphasizes safety.

The Playhouse welcomes all friendly dogs that can show current vaccination records, and proof of spay or neuter in dogs over seven months.

The Playhouse has open snooze caves, and a separate quiet room, if dogs desire a more serene resting environment.

The Playhouse will host several fund-raising events for local organizations, such as, the Humane Society, Planned Pethood, and Therapy Dogs International.

Poco’s Playhouse management wishes to create a familiar, all-inclusive community for dogs, and their families and friends.

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